People's Panel Recommendations - Have your Say

Between July and August 2018, Jemena convened a panel of 43 residential customers. After 20 hours spent together over 6 sessions, two field trips and much more, we now have a list of recommendations representing their views across a range of energy issues that impact households.

While the People's Panel have presented their views, we realise not everyone in the community could be a part of the process. We are now at a key decision point in the process, and we are presenting customers with a final chance to influence our plans.

We plan to reconvene the People's Panel in early 2019 to inform customers of how their recommendations have influenced our regulatory submission and the impact of this on our customers. Comments received through this survey will be carefully reviewed by Jemena and reflected in the submission where appropriate.

Do you agree with the recommendations? Provide your comments below and let Jemena know your views!

Please click here to download the 25 recommendations & 2030 customer vision developed by the People's Panel.

This survey will remain open until 19 October 2018.

Thank you for your feedback!

CLOSED: This survey has concluded.